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Competition/Promotional Terms and Conditions:

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Complaint Form.

All program content on this station (music, news, talk, advertisements, etc) is regulated by the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice (Codes). The Codes also provide a complaints
process through which any listener can make an official written complaint to a station if he or she reasonably feels that the station has broadcast a program which breaches the Codes.
On receiving a valid complaint, the relevant station must resolve the complaint by writing back to the complainant at the address supplied. A complainant that’s not satisfied with that
response is entitled to refer the matter to the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA).
You may use this form only if you wish to make a complaint to this station that a program we broadcast has breached the Codes. For a copy of the Codes, visit
www.commercialradio.com.au or contact this station on [station phone number] during office hours.

Fill out the Commercial Radio Codes Of Practice - Listener Complaint Form here.