It is beginning to warm up in the Pilbara and we are all beginning to wonder how we are going to cope with the hot, muggy days this wet season.

There is no need to think too hard though as the Pilbara’s dogs already have the answers, because they are good boys and girls.

Picture: Ann-Katrin Wolf

The answer is hose water. bite all the hose water you can find.

Ambrose. Picture: Nyssa Halliday.
Picture: Kristy Austin.

If that fails, sit in water.

Bella. Picture: Maria O'Halloran.
Picture: Melissa Munday.
Picture: Paula Maher.
Tily. Picture: Tarita O'Brien.
Picture: Victoria Otto.

Or stand in water. That works too.

Picture: Simon Ovens.
Picture: Lauren Bailey.
Picture: Jacque Cartner.
Picture: Brendan Walsh.

Whatever you do, just go to the beach.

Picture: Wayne Smith
Picture: Allen Bell.

Unless it is super hot, then you should chill with a few beers at home.

Picture: Vaughan Smith.

And if all else fails you can huddle up in bed with the aircon on.

Doug. Picture: Karen Hancock.