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Breakfast With Sam & Mez

Sam is a stats man, and spends almost all of his free time watching, playing, or talking about sport. He is the oldest of 5 siblings, so trying to get a word in on air is no issue for him. He grew up in country WA, and spent most of his school years playing footy and living in Geraldton. Sam loves cartoons, rap music, and reckons he could win the Amazing Race.


Mez loves hanging out with the Kardashians almost as much as she loves hanging out with her real friends. You can find Mez in one of three places – curled up on the couch watching reality TV, working on her tan and spying on boys at the beach, or having a few bevs at a festival. Mez dreams of marrying an Eagles player when she’s older, but until then she’s working toward being the queen of reality TV.

Sam and Mez have been working together at radio school since early 2018, and hope their friendship and chemistry can carry through to their new role at RedFM Breakfast.