With her sultry pout and alluring gaze, Elle Brittain defines what it means to be a bombshell.

The Brigitte Bardot lookalike was one of Wheels & Dollbaby designer Melanie Greensmith’s muses, who originally discovered the blonde four years ago when she began modelling.

After closing the label’s 30th anniversary show at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival last year, Brittain has returned to WA for a special appearance in tomorrow’s Stars, Statements and Legends TPFF closing-night show at Optus Stadium.

Wheels & Dollbaby designer Melanie Greensmith discovered top model Elle Brittain four years ago. Picture: Michael Wilson

Dedicated to the luminaries of the local fashion industry, the presentation includes a tribute to Greensmith, who shocked style spectators when she closed her brand at the peak of its success last year.

Brittain said the design icon was like family to her.

“I am good friends with Mel,” she said. “Four years ago she went through hundreds of girls when casting for a face but couldn’t find the perfect fit. Then she found me and made me the face of Wheels and Dollbaby.

“I love coming to Perth. It has such a different vibe to Sydney and Melbourne and I am so excited to be walking for Wheels and Dollbaby again.”

Elle Brittain said she sometimes struggled to find work as a model because she did not have a standard physique. Picture: Michael Wilson

Brittain she she sometimes struggled to find work as a model because she did not have a standard physique.

But she said Wheels & Dollbaby had embraced her look.

“I love the elegance of everything, and it fits a womanly body,” Brittain said.

“It’s not just straight up and down, which a lot of brands are. I have boobs with a small waist and I can struggle to find clothes, but Wheels and Dollbaby really fit me.

Model Elle Brittain will star at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s closing-night show Stars, Statements and Legends on Friday night. Picture: Michael Wilson

“Australian labels can be very inside the box. My body isn’t the typical model body, and they don’t know what to do with that.

“If I go overseas, like to Italy, I am embraced.”

Greensmith previously said it was a challenge to find faces who spoke to her brand’s aesthetic.

“For me it is a lot about personality and vibe, not just beauty,” the designer said.

“I (also) like curves, which is hard to find. Then I met Elle and she had a certain feel that I liked — a devil-may-care (attitude), natural curves and wild hair.”