Leaping out of 19th century British Raj, the exotic costumes of WA Ballet’s La Bayadere will descend on the runway before they hit the stage.

Colourful corsets and embellished tutus from glittering ballrooms and opium-fuelled dreams will form a spectacle for the Parmelia Hilton’s first Fashion Friday event of the year on April 5.

Well before the ballet’s premiere at His Majesty’s Theatre on May 9, dancers will model the intricate creations in the special sneak peek for a style-savvy crowd.

Ballet mistress Sandy Delasalle said the production was a feast for the senses.

WA Ballet soloist Juan Carlos Hernandez Osma and demi-soloist Polly Hilton. Picture: Danella Bevis

“You will have a sense of travelling to another place when you see this ballet,” she said. “There is drama and a romantic touch with the love story between the son of the maharajah and a temple dancer. The costumes are really beautiful. They are Indian-style, two-pieces with beautiful corsets and tutus, and a lot of colours and rich materials.”

Delasalle hoped the preview showcase at Fashion Friday would spark curiosity among the public.

“We will do it like a parade and some characters will embrace their roles while showing the costumes,” she said.

“You will have a sense of travelling to another place when you see this ballet.”
Sandy Delasalle

While everyone goes to the ballet for different reasons — be it the choreography, the music or the sets — Delasalle said costumes could make or break a production.

“Costumes give the wow factor,” she said. “As much as you can do a great dance, without a beautiful costume it won’t be amazing. They are the cherry on top, and are so important to a production.”