Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth is one of the most successful Aussie exports when it comes to the big screen right now.

But has prolonged time away from his Byron Bay base seen him forget all things Australian?

Is he still a true-blue, ridgy-didge, fair dinkum Aussie?

Can he recite the words to AC/DC’s TNT? Or has he simply gone Harold Holt when it comes to all things slang?

Well fortunately someone was on hand to test the Thor actor’s linguistic memory, and who would be better placed than self-proclaimed king of the bogans and Perth internet sensation Ozzy Man.

Perth man Ethan Marrell has built a Youtube and Facebook following of millions as Ozzy Man Reviews. Picture: Michael Wilson

The former stand-up comedian and filmmaker behind the massively popular dinky-di persona has a bigger online following than any of WA’s high-profile celebrities.

And Ethan Marrell, the man behind Ozzy Man, knows our language better than most.

So when he was granted an interview with the superstar in Bali, as he spruiks his latest film Men In Black: International, Ozzy Man tackled the hard-hitting questions on everyone’s lips.

Like, does ‘Hemsy’ know what a Capper is? And importantly, does he know where Toady lives?

Find out how Chris Hemsworth went in the video above. And check out the special Aussie gift he gets at the end!