Sue “Boomer” Jenkins has become one of Wentworth’s most endearing characters thanks to actress Katrina Milosevic.

Boomer was originally written as a guest role on the hit TV prison drama, which gave Milosevic the chance to develop the initially intimidating inmate.

“In the background, muscle is what she was originally meant to be,” Milosevic said from on the set in Melbourne.

“The most that was written about her was that she was built like a brick — self-esteem down the toilet — but in that instance, I was kind of given free rein.”

Katrina Milosevic in character has prison thug Boomer in Wentworth.

The last thing Milosevic wanted to be was “just hanging around in the background”.

“I thought I’ve got to bring something to this,” she said. “I was allowed to go to town and be as wrong as I needed to be and as loud as I needed to be, obviously picking my moments, but you’ve got to commit, I think, and so luckily I did.”

The quietly spoken actress is nothing like her on-screen character although her fans seem to assume otherwise.

“The way I’m recognised is a lot of punching and a lot of ‘Eh Boom’,” she said. “I think they expect me to be a bit tougher than I am ... I think I let people down a lot because I am a wuss.”

Prisoners on the show have come and gone, some in more dramatic fashion than others, and Milosevic thinks it will be bittersweet when she eventually has to farewell Boomer.

“I personally will be relieved and praying to play something a little bit more glamorous at some point”
- Katrina Milosevic

“I’ll be ready to say ‘there she was and have fun, Booms’ but it will be really sad at the same time,” she said.

“I personally will be relieved and praying to God to play something a little bit more glamorous at some point, please.

“I’m sick of rotten teeth, I never wear pants. I’m not a pants girl, I’m always a dress or skirt girl but to be so comfy in pants like she is like oh ... it would be nice to have brushed hair and all the other stuff they do to me. It would be nice to not have that for a little bit, forever, one day.”