An artist from Roebourne is set to have her talent splashed on the silver screen later this month as she stars in a new NITV show, which forms part of SBS’ Always Was, Always Will Be offering in the lead up to Australia Day.

Marni, which translates to marking in Yindjibarndi,is set to premier on January 23 and is a 170-minute artistic experience, which follows Allery Sandy, pictured above, as she paints a mesmerising dot-work painting of the region.

The program combines Allery at work with aerial shots of the Pilbara’s landscape, partnered with a soundtrack and the voice over of Allery as she speaks in Yindjibarndi about her life.

NITV channel manager Tanya Orman said Marniwas NITV’s first foray into slow TV and was a mesmerising marathon of colour.

“Each of Allery’s paintings take around a month to complete, given their intricacy, and to play witness to this process is extremely powerful,” she said.

“Allery was selected as she is not only exceptionally talented, but because she could bring extra layers to the story, in art and language, as such a passionate communicator of her culture.”

Ms Orman said to view an artist’s depiction of a place that was so sacred to them, in real time, was incredibly special.

Marni will air on NITV at 7.30pm on January 23.