A series of posts by the Australian man held in connection with the Christchurch attacks over the last two days are helping police piece together the sequence of events behind the plot.

Brenton Tarrant, 28, posted photos of his arsenal alongside the 74-page manifesto in which he described himself as “... a ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.”

He said two events triggered his self-described revenge attack — “This 2017 truck terror attack in Sweden.. and the French election result in the same year.”

In the posts he spoke at length about “white supremacy”, “fertility rates” and “foreign invaders”, calling himself a “uniformed combatant in a war”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, however, gave him another name, calling Tarrant “An extremist right wing violent terrorist.”

Tarrant showed no remorse for his actions in his posts.

“I only wish I could have killed more invaders, and more traitors as well,” he said.

“No group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself.

“New Zealand was not the original choice for attack, I only arrived to New Zealand to live temporarily whilst I planned and trained.

“I begun planning an attack roughly two years in advance and an attack at the location in Christchurch three months in advance.

“Originally the mosque in Dunedin was the main target.

“It is a terrorist attack.

“I am a racist.”

A former employer of Tarrant’s has spoken out about her shock at the series of events.

Originally from Grafton in northern NSW, Brenton Tarrant, 28, was an employee of the local

Owner of Big River Fitness and Squash centre in Grafton, NSW, Tracey Gray was shocked to hear claims her former employee may have been involved in the Christchurch massacre.

“He used to work here at my fitness facility five, six, maybe seven years ago. He never showed any extremes of extremist views or any cray behaviour,” she said.

Professor of Global Islamic Politics at Monash University Greg Barton also weighed in on Tarrant’s motives.

“They think of themselves as a hero, but it’s a coward’s way of taking forward your political cause,” he said.

Names written on the shooters’ guns included Edward Codrington — a 19th British admiral who fought at Trafalgar — and Marco Bragadin — a 16th century Venetian lawyer killed by the Ottomans.

Another message read: “here’s your migration compact.”

Other targets included German chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish president Recep Erdogan and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Among his heroes, Tarrant listed Anders Breivik, who shot dead 77 people in Norway in 2011.

In his rant Tarrant talked about many unrelated topics, including gun control in the United States. He also said he hoped to survive the attack, that he intended to plead not guilty and hoped to be jailed to “deplete resources from the state”.

Tarrant predicted he would be released from jail after 27 years, just like Nelson Mandela, and claimed he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize.

He also claimed to be a Navy Seal involved in numerous raids against al Qaeda with 300 confirmed kills.

“I had to run along in the middle of the firefight, pick up the mag that fell out,’ he said.

“There was no firefight — only the execution of innocents.”