Local Government Minister David Templeman hopes to lift the quality of councillors across WA by imposing an online induction for candidates ahead of this year’s council elections.

Legislation tabled in Parliament yesterday will focus on universal training for councillors and increasing transparency of elected members and administrators.

The reform would mean local governments would need to publish all agenda documents, councillor interests and gifts registers online promptly.

People wishing to run for their local council would also need an induction to give them an idea what their responsibilities would be if they were elected and then further training if they were successful.

“There’s no requirement at this point in time for any induction,” Mr Templeman said.

“I’m not proposing an onerous lengthy process but I think it’s pretty important that people who put up their hand to represent their community as an elected member have some basic understanding of what they’re getting to and have a very clear understanding of what their ongoing role and responsibility will be if they’re lucky enough to be elected.

“The legislation requires if you are successful you will comply or carry out universal training within the first 12 months.”