Pirates, princesses and men in black jumped into old cars and tore around the outback countryside for Australia’s largest and longest running charity motoring event last month.

The Variety WA Bash finished on Saturday with three teams from the Pilbara taking part in the week-long charity event.

Mick Preece, Greg Myers and Brett Armstrong from Dampier crewed the Pilbara Pirates, the Men in Black car was crewed by Jon Groth, Brett Lefroy and Brett Hinkley from Wickham, and Bash veterans Joanne Green and Kirsten Boardman were in the Pilbara Princess.

Variety WA chief executive Tony Hume said the Pilbara cars had been particularly impressive.

“I was luck enough to have a day as a passenger in the Men in Black car and got to drive the Princesses car for a day,” he said.

“The Princesses were in a 1965 Volvo and they won an ward for the best spirit of the bash.

“It’s one of the more challenging cars to get though that terrain in and they just kept chuffing along and finished the week with everyone else.”

This was the 31st anniversary of the Bash and in total the participants raised $562,000 for the charity this year.