Students from Baynton West Primary School were given the chance to celebrate their technology advancements last week as they graduated from Scitech’s intensive robotics program.

The year-long program was made possible through Scitech’s partnership with Mitsui Iron Ore Development, which has delivered intensive robotics and technology workshops to one primary school in the Pilbara every year since 2014.

Scitech manager partnerships and alliances Rich Williams said the program helped schools develop digital technology through the provision of robotics resources and expert teacher support.

“The use of automation and technology in general is rapidly changing,” he said. “We need to ensure we have future generations which have the skills to enter the workforce and work with the new technologies.”

“Starting them at this age helps to embed the skills at an early age so as they move through their education they have an interest in the field.”

As part of the program, Baynton West was provided with a wide variety of educational robotics, from tiny line-following Ozobot robots that fit in the palm of your hand, to advanced Lego robotics with motors, sensors and thousands of pieces.

Mr Williams said the different types of robotic technologies could be tailored for every age group, with students from kindergarten to Year 6 taking part in the program.