High school students part of the Tom Price Follow the Dream program embraced a host of new experiences at a week-long educational, cultural and adventure camp to the Ningaloo Coast last month.

The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation took the group to Exmouth, Coral Bay and Carnarvon, where highlights included touring the Rio Tinto Dampier Salt operations at Lake MacLeod, visiting the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum and going snorkelling, coral viewing, kayaking and ocean swimming in Exmouth and Coral Bay.

For some students the camp marked the first time they had visited the Ningaloo Coast or had the chance to snorkel.

Tom Price Follow The Dream students at the Vlaming Head Lighthouse lookout in Exmouth. Picture: Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation

Tom Price program co-ordinator Joe Manning said the camp had given students some exciting new opportunities.

“The Follow The Dream program encourages students to take part in these camps so they can experience a range of exciting educational and cultural opportunities, visit places they’ve never been to before, and learn about a whole range of post-school pathways,” he said. “The students had a fantastic time, with many conquering their fears along the way.”

Tom Price Follow the Dream students Kristana Nona (Year 9), Toshiko Shioji (Year 9), Clinton Cooke (Year 8) and Brody Jones (Year 11) kayaking in Exmouth. Picture: Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation

Follow the Dream is an extra-curricular education program for high-achieving Aboriginal students which aims to help them achieve good academic results and pursue tertiary education or employment.

Several students also expressed an interest in working in the salt industry as a result of touring the Dampier Salt operations.